Raumati's Testimonials

Carri and Greg

I’d just like to say thank you so much for the love, care and support you have given us over the six years my children were in the centre. We began our journey when Toby was 10 months old and now here we are with Charlie ready to start school. We have been grateful that our boys have been happy at Chelsea House and this is completely down to the high calibre of staff.

Thank you for supporting us and our boys through all of the transitions between rooms, for the hours rubbing their backs trying to get them to sleep, for the countless nappies you have changed, for the strong stance of ‘no pudding unless you try your lunch’, for celebrating their success using the toilet, for working with their interests and listening to them chat, for accommodating their huge and strange breakfast appetites (marmite and jam toast!?) and most of all for loving them and caring for them when we weren’t there.

It is with a sad heart that we leave the Chelsea House family but also with pleasure that you have helped equip our boys so well for the next stage in their lives.


We have had an association with Chelsea House over the last 6 years. Our daughter attended Chelsea House from when she was 4 months old, right up until she began school at age 5. More recently, she has attended Chelsea House’s School Holiday programme.

We have been totally impressed by the standard of education and care provided by Chelsea House throughout our association. The staff are excellent and provide a safe, stimulating learning and care environment for the children.

The Centre is well organised and well run. I have no hesitation in recommending Chelsea House as an excellent Early Childhood Centre.

Keri Teitelbaum

My 3.5 year old twins are thriving in the Chelsea House environment. The Staff are loving, caring and motivational with my children. Everyday my children are excited to go and see what is on the FUN schedule for the day. I love that i can leave my children in a safe, friendly and supervised educational program.

We are very HAPPY to send our children to Chelsea house.

David and Petra Meyer

Chelsea House, if the kids can’t be at home then it’s the next best thing. My wife and I moved to the Kapiti Coast five years ago and did our research on local crèches. We were new parents so understandably very protective about where we finally went. We were immediately impressed with Chelsea House because aesthetically it looked great, the management and staff were welcoming, experienced and qualified, and the level of care and activities provided were excellent. Chelsea House definitely raised the bar and as parents of very young children we only wanted the best for our kids when they weren’t with us.

Five years on and having had both our children through the various classes from six months to five years (plus some after school care – Klubmates) we continue to be impressed and thankful we made that original choice. Time has easily proved that we made the best decision for our kids.

Many of the staff and management team have been there since we started which has benefited our kids as they have no qualms or resistance to going to Chelsea House. It’s like walking out of one home and into another, amongst their mates and great teachers. We can’t rate the facility highly enough and will miss it all when our four year old starts school.

Happy parent

Both of our children have attended Chelsea House from age 9 months. They have each progressed through the rooms, our eldest is in Room 7, attending “Stepping Stones” and our youngest is in Room 3.

We have found the staff at Chelsea House to be fantastic. They are caring and show a genuine interest in our children and their welfare. The staff work hard to create a fun learning environment for the children. Staff are willing to support parents through situations such as separation difficulties, toilet training and changing sleep patterns. Our children also partake in off-site activities (walks, library visits, etc) that add value to their experience.

The facilities at Chelsea House are excellent. The classrooms have a variety of toys and learning activities. The rooms also have updated toys and activities so the children do not get bored. Our children have really enjoyed the communal playground set up, so they become familiar with the other teachers and children whilst having their own classroom routine.

All the children that we have seen at Chelsea House generally exhibit good behaviour and it is clear that the teachers encourage good behaviour and cooperation amongst the children.

Attending Chelsea House has assisted the development of our children physically, mentally and socially, offering opportunities that we believe are not always available to every parent/family.

Thanks to Chelsea House for offering an excellent service in child care.

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