1. Do you have separate rooms to accommodate the differences in the ages and developmental stages of the children?


Both centres are designed for age and stage specific care and learning with areas allowing for small groups of children.

Children are placed in the following groupings at approximately these ages:

  • Infants (3 months -12 months)
  • Infants/Toddlers (1 – 2 years)
  • Young Children (2 – 4 years 3 months)
  • Stepping Stones (4 years 3 months -5 years)

2. Are your teaching staff qualified early childhood education teachers?

Chelsea House has a high ratio of qualified early childhood education teachers.

We are also supportive of teachers in training and we do have some teachers who are working towards their Diploma or Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Most of our teaching staff hold a current first aid certificate.

Our teachers attend professional development and receive ongoing support to keep up to date with current theory and practice.

3. What measures do you have in place to ensure my child’s security?

The entrance to each Chelsea House centre is controlled by a security system so that only parents/whanau and staff can enter the centre during opening hours at their convenience.

We have a procedure to ensure that every child enrolled is signed in and out of the centre on a daily basis. Removal of children from the centre is strictly controlled.

We hold regular fire drills with the children and we have a civil defence emergency procedure.

4. Do children need to be immunised before they can attend?

No, but we do need to know if your child has not been immunised.

5. How do you ensure that my child keeps to their normal sleep routine?

We have designated sleep rooms for children up to 2 years of age so that they can follow their own sleep routines which are closely linked to their routine at home.

The 2-3 year olds have a rest after lunch and older children are encouraged to do quieter activities during this time to regain their energy for the afternoon.

6. My child is not the perfect angel! How do you manage children when they are misbehaving or are displaying anti-social behavior?

We understand that a lot of the time children are trying to understand their world and that means pushing boundaries at times.

Our teachers are trained to handle all types of behavior in a way that makes your child feel safe and secure yet aware that what they are doing is not acceptable.

If there is a problem, eg biting, we will inform you of this and work with you to manage the situation.

7. Do children just play at Chelsea House?

Chelsea House is a quality learning environment.

Learning through play in a safe and caring environment means that children have lots of fun using their imagination and exploring their world and their activities are always linked to the core values of Te Whaariki, the New Zealand early childhood education curriculum.

8. Are children with special needs and abilities catered for?

All children and their families/whanau, irrespective of their special needs or abilities are welcome to attend Chelsea House. The teaching team works in partnership with you to provide the necessary services and support for you and your child.

My baby is still breast feeding. What arrangements to do you have for babies who are still feeding on breast milk?

Chelsea House welcomes mums to come into the Centre and breast feed your baby if that is possible. Otherwise, we can bottle feed your baby with breast milk that has been supplied by you provided that it is in a hygienic container specifically for breast milk and is clearly labeled. You do not need to supply bottles.

9. Do I supply nappies for my child?


For hygienic reasons, all children who are not toilet trained or working on being toilet trained must wear disposable nappies or cloth nappies.

We have a strict monitoring programme to ensure that your child is clean and comfortable while they are in our care.

10. What meals do you provide as part of your service?

We supply breakfast for children that are at the Centre by 7.45am each day.

All children attending the Centre receive morning and afternoon tea and a healthy lunch.

Children eat together as a group at meal times and it is a really fun and social time for them.

11. What is the minimum amount of time my child must be enrolled for?

Minimum enrolment is two days to ensure your child has a sense of belonging within the centre.

Chelsea House Raumati offers full day care with a minimum of 8 hours attendance for 20 hours ECE subsidised children. A flat fee rate covers the full 11 hours we are open.

Chelsea House Levin has a 6, 7 and 8 hour rate so please phone Levin to see which option would best suit your needs.

12. How do I enrol?

The first step is for you to meet with us to view the Centre to be sure that you are making the right choice for you and your child.

If you like what we have to offer, you may enroll your child at that time.

Please click [here] for more information about arranging an appointment.

13. How much does it cost to attend Chelsea House?

Our fee structure is based on the number of days that your child will be attending and their age.

Our Centres are partly funded by the Ministry of Education.

We offer 20 subsidised hours of early childhood education for children aged over 3 years.

WINZ subsidy is also available to qualifying families.   Talk to the Centre Supervisor about our fees.

To see if you qualify for a WINZ Subsidy go to  www.workandincome.govt.nz/individuals/a-z-benefits/childcare-subsidy.html