Carri and Greg

I’d just like to say thank you so much for the love, care and support you have given us over the six years my children were in the centre. We began our journey when Toby was 10 months old and now here we are with Charlie ready to start school. We have been grateful that our boys have been happy at Chelsea House and this is completely down to the high calibre of staff.

Thank you for supporting us and our boys through all of the transitions between rooms, for the hours rubbing their backs trying to get them to sleep, for the countless nappies you have changed, for the strong stance of ‘no pudding unless you try your lunch’, for celebrating their success using the toilet, for working with their interests and listening to them chat, for accommodating their huge and strange breakfast appetites (marmite and jam toast!?) and most of all for loving them and caring for them when we weren’t there.

It is with a sad heart that we leave the Chelsea House family but also with pleasure that you have helped equip our boys so well for the next stage in their lives.