Centre Philosophy

Chelsea House Management is committed to employing trained and skilled Early Childhood Educators, who will provide quality Early Childhood experiences for all children in their care.

Management and Staff will:

  • Value the child as an individual
  • Ensure that children are safe and secure
  • Implement the Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whäriki.
  • Value Play as a medium which encourages physical, social, intellectual, emotional, cognitive and language development.
  • Support Parents as the Primary Caregiver
  • Share information with parents regarding the development of their child.
  • Encourage families to see Chelsea House as an extension of their home
  • Value, support and extend Te Reo and Tikanga Maori
  • Recognise the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Embrace a multi-cultural prospective
  • Each licence will be encouraged to respect the values and individuality of each teacher through an individual licence philosophy.

Reviewed: November 2012                                                          Next Review: November 2013