kapa haka -kena kena school




As part of our bi cultural review in room 4 we decided our next step in embracing Te Tikanga Māori would be to involve ourselves in the community by visiting a local school and watching their Kapa Haka group.

I approached Kena Kena School (which I am familiar with due to my 2 boys attending this school) and asked if we could watch one of their practices to which they happily offered themselves to come and perform for us at Chelsea House!

This was perfect as this meant that everyone here had the opportunity to be involved!


This experience was very valuable to our tamariki as they have been learning a variety of waiata over the past year and have watched Kena Kena School ‘koromiko’ syndicate performance of ‘Maui and the Sun’ several times. Together all of these experiences have given us valuable memories and knowledge that will be with us for a long time to come….


We made a welcome sign and hung it on the fence for all to see…we were very proud and excited!Next we set up the cushions outside and waited for the tamariki to arrive.How exciting to see the BIG bus pull up outside full of BIG tamariki…

Everyone looked amazing.

They then sung beautiful waiata in the sunshine.

We loved the poi as we too use them at Chelsea House to sing one of our favourite waiata…’E rere taku poi’…

We danced and sang with several of our tamariki imitating the actions and being involved in the Haka at the end…



…It also shows us that what we teach at Chelsea House is extended through schools and doesn’t have to stop just because we leave here….

A big Kia ora to Kena Kena School you were amazing to watch and this whole experience was a moment for all of us involved to be proud of…ka rawe to mahi – fantastic!

Written by Rachel 2013 (DEC)