Happy parent

Both of our children have attended Chelsea House from age 9 months. They have each progressed through the rooms, our eldest is in Room 7, attending “Stepping Stones” and our youngest is in Room 3.

We have found the staff at Chelsea House to be fantastic. They are caring and show a genuine interest in our children and their welfare. The staff work hard to create a fun learning environment for the children. Staff are willing to support parents through situations such as separation difficulties, toilet training and changing sleep patterns. Our children also partake in off-site activities (walks, library visits, etc) that add value to their experience.

The facilities at Chelsea House are excellent. The classrooms have a variety of toys and learning activities. The rooms also have updated toys and activities so the children do not get bored. Our children have really enjoyed the communal playground set up, so they become familiar with the other teachers and children whilst having their own classroom routine.

All the children that we have seen at Chelsea House generally exhibit good behaviour and it is clear that the teachers encourage good behaviour and cooperation amongst the children.

Attending Chelsea House has assisted the development of our children physically, mentally and socially, offering opportunities that we believe are not always available to every parent/family.

Thanks to Chelsea House for offering an excellent service in child care.

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