David and Petra Meyer

Chelsea House, if the kids can’t be at home then it’s the next best thing. My wife and I moved to the Kapiti Coast five years ago and did our research on local crèches. We were new parents so understandably very protective about where we finally went. We were immediately impressed with Chelsea House because aesthetically it looked great, the management and staff were welcoming, experienced and qualified, and the level of care and activities provided were excellent. Chelsea House definitely raised the bar and as parents of very young children we only wanted the best for our kids when they weren’t with us.

Five years on and having had both our children through the various classes from six months to five years (plus some after school care – Klubmates) we continue to be impressed and thankful we made that original choice. Time has easily proved that we made the best decision for our kids.

Many of the staff and management team have been there since we started which has benefited our kids as they have no qualms or resistance to going to Chelsea House. It’s like walking out of one home and into another, amongst their mates and great teachers. We can’t rate the facility highly enough and will miss it all when our four year old starts school.