Counting and jumping

We often set up the equipment outside with an areacounting02were the children can jump, we place mats for the children to jump onto and we try and encourage children not to walk on the mats so that nobody lands on top of them, we also station a teacher close to the equipment.

Today while I was stationed near the jumping equipment I was observing the children and noticed how well they were counting. They individually chose a number, counting04it may have been the highest number that they could count to 23 or they jumped after 5 for example. When they jumped onto the mat they quickly moved away and climbed back up to the top ready for their next turn. The children all regulated their own behaviour and ensured that they each had a turn. At times all of the children stood on the boxes at the same time, when this happened they all counted together,  some of the children could count much higher than others but counting together  encouraged all the children to learn higher numberscounting01while in a safe non-threatening situation.

Besides learning and repeating their numbers the children are also showing their developing theories regarding social relationships, such as turn taking and keeping each other safe (Te Whāriki Exploration 4).

We continue to adapt and change our outdoor environment so that the children are challenged yet remain safe.

Teacher : Lisa