Ben and the bucket tree

Ben had been playing outside and came over to see141X250what some of his new room 5 friends were doing by the tree. He joined in with their play helping place buckets and spades carefully onto branches of the tree. Ben was aware of branches that were too high for him to reach to hang his bucket or branches that were too full already. He helped his friends place some buckets that had fallen off the tree onto the garden around the bottom of the tree. Ben seemed to really enjoy working together with his friends on this creative project.

When they thought the task was complete we all sat down on the deck and admired their work. We all looked at the tree together talking about how colourful it was and counted how many yellow spades we could see, green buckets etc. I added some basic te reo words to our conversation that I knew the children were familiar with (colours and numbers). We had a lovely time admiring the colourful bucket tree. “It’s so colourful. It’s very special” said Ben. It was great to share this experience with Ben and to tell his Mum about it when she came to pick him up.

What next? Continue to encourage the children to use their imagination along with the environment and our centre resources in a way that creates new and exciting experiences.

Teacher : Tracey